Cameron Mericle, P.A.

Hanover Parkway 7600

Greenbelt, 20770

(301) 474-2044

Description: This firm and Condominium Ventures, Inc (CVI-management company 25+years) have represented Pines One for years. Their behavior has been nothing short of deplorable. It has been customary (40+years) for proxy collection envelopes be placed at each building, accepted at the onsite office or mailed to CVI. Unbeknownest to the owners and two board members, they had altered the 2015 proxies. This change was never discussed nor voted on at any meeting. The Attorney, Justin Cameron, called the board to a meeting which was held immediately before the official meeting. He stated that all the ballots delivered to the onsite office would not be accepted. They would only accept those mailed to CVI or those prepared on the spot. This has never happened in the history of our community. I ran for a vacancy and should have been seated but for their underhanded actions. Cameron-Mericle and Condominium Ventures, Inc. doctored records which stated that I was 30 days delinquent which was a lie. I filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office of Consumer Protection. I am not even sure why they exist. The mediation division is a joke. I provided detail information on how they violated state law and denied 300 property owners their right to vote in the election. It did absolutely no good. Cameron never addressed these violations and the Director of Mediation, Karen Straughn was more than willing to accept his explanation. He completely ignored my complaint and wove a tale of lies which she readily believed. Must be an attorney thing. Everyone except the AG's office knows that state law supercedes community by-laws. For the 2016 election, without notice, CVI and Cameron, refused to include resumes along with the proxies to keep the owners from voting for qualified candidates to fill current vacancies. Another ploy which helps them maintain control of the Pines One CASH COW. Along with the proxies was the instruction 'DO NOT DROP IN THE DROP BOX IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED/COUNTED AS A VOTE". Again, it should be mentioned that this change was never discussed with the owners nor voted on at any board meeting. WARNING: MAKE SURE THAT YOU ELECT A BOARD THAT IS INTELLIGENT (HAS COMMON SENSE) AND REALIZES THAT THEY DO NOT WORK FOR THE MANAGEMENT COMPANY. The Pines One Board long ago abdicated their responsibilities to CVI and Cameron Mericle. This relationship is so incestuous. The management company allowed the attorney to keep all the funds they collected for Pines One in addition to what we paid for their collection activity. We have not had a real board for 10 years. They treat the owners as the enemy and CVI as their master. They sign every document placed in front of them without reading it. To be honest, if they read it they would still be clueless. We have no idea what is going on in our community and neither does the board. All our records are kept at the CVI office. We have an accountant on the board who has been asking to see the financials for over 5 years, to no avail. If you are looking for a management company or legal representation for your community, all I can say is 'BUYER BEWARE"

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