Layfield & Barrett

633 West 5th Street, Suite 3300

Los Angeles, 90071


Description: Layfield & Barrett is one of the leading personal injury law firms in the United States with offices located in California, Arizona and Utah. With decades of experience in successfully negotiating and litigating a variety of personal injury claims, our top-rated personal injury and auto accident lawyers provide expert legal representation so that those who were responsible for your injury are held liable, and you get the justice you deserve. Our philosophy is based on complete client well-being. To achieve this, we help you understand your rights, get access to qualified medical care, and build a strong and effective lawsuit that would help you recover adequate compensation, so that you can rebuild your life. By providing expert legal services we seek to ensure that the benefits of your lawsuit continue long after it has been resolved. Whether it’s justice, relief or closure that you’re looking for, our personal injury lawyers understand the physical and psychological hurt you’re going through, and will always be available to listen to your needs while providing you with compassionate and expert services. We pride ourselves on our ability to familiarize ourselves with your stories so that we can recognize exactly what your case needs to get the upper hand in or out of court. If you would like to have Layfield & Barrett take up your case, or if you would like a consultation on your claim for now, you can reach us at 855-880-8335 today. You can also submit the quick and easy form available online instead.

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